Roofing Contractor Millington Tennessee

Need a roofing contractor Millington Tennessee? 

Need a roofing contractor Millington Tennessee?

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Millington, TN, USA

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James Russell Roofing does many roofing services in Millington, TN. However, our two main roofing services are roof repairs and new residential roof installation.

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Roof Repair In Millington Tennessee

At James Russell Roofing we love helping Millington residents get a new residential roofing system, but before we talk about a new roof installed by an expert roofer, our top roofing company does their best to repair the roofing system you have. Why? It is very possible a top-quality roof repair can get you many more years of good service life from your current roofing system. If we can help you accomplish this James Russell Roofing has likely got a roofing client for life. We are building our name, our brand, and our reputation with every roof repair we perform. Call James Russell Roofing today and let one of our trained project managers give you a free roof inspection on your Millington home. With James Russell Roofing you will have peace of mind with either your roof repair or knowing we tried everything to repair your roof before we even talked about a new roof.

Tips For Hiring A Millington Tennessee Roofing Company

• Roofing Contractor Millington Tennessee Tips For Hiring your local roofer:

• Locally Owned and Operated

• Has Workers Comprehensive Insurance

• Accredited with The Tennessee Better Business Bureau

• Be Certified with At Least One Shingle Manufacturer

• Carries At Least 1,000,000 In General Liability Insurance

• Has Been In Business For At Least Two Years

• Has A Local Office

• Has A Written and Posted Workmanship Warranty of At Least Two Years or More

• Is A Member Of The NRCA, Nation Roofing Contractors Association

• Does Not Cover Deductibles (Covering Deductibles is Illegal)

• Be A Member of the Brighton Tennessee Chamber of Commerce

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 Roofing Contractor Millington Tennessee: Our Home

James Russell Roofing and Restoration has worked hard to serve the Millington, TN area with roof repair services, as well as new residential roofing system installations. Your Millington Tennessee roofing contractor, James Russell Roofing’s professionals understand what it takes to get your home storm-ready. Unlike out-of-state roofers that will blow in and do a few jobs and blow out, James Russell Roofing is hometown boys and here to stay. James Russell Roofing is building a solid professional reputation to lean on for our future in Millington, TN.

At James Russell Roofing and Restoration, we call Millington, TN home, just like you do. Before during and after any storm, we will be here to serve you, now you can have true peace of mind with your home improvement project.

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With a roof being so much more than just a coving for your house or a statement of your personal taste, a roof is also security and protection for you and your family.

For James Russell Roofing service area Millington, TN your roof may not be the first thing you think of but is definitely one of the most important between you and any bad weather.

James Russell Roofing partners with the Atlas Corporation, one of the largest roofing material manufacturers in the United States. This partnership between Atlas and James Russell Roofing and Restoration assures you that you are not only working with a local roofing company but a leader and giant in the industry.


Roofing Contractor Millington Tennessee: Local Homeowners

The Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingle with its patented Scotchgard Protector system will be with you for many years. There is not a better algae protector in the roofing industry. Not only will the Atlas Scotchgard shingle keep your home beautiful, but you can also get up to a 130 MPH wind warranty, just ask for details.

James Russell Roofing and Restoration is an Atlas Silver Pro Plus Roofing Contractor. This status with Atlas assures you of the protection you demand for your home and family.

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Millington Tennessee Roofing Contractor: The City of Millington

The city of Millington was started in 1878 when Mr. George Millington donated a large tract of land to some settlers to start the town of Millington.  In 1888 the First Baptist Church was founded and now has over 5,000 members. It’s one of the largest buildings in the city of Millington, TN. The city of Millington is located in the county of Shelby, Tennessee. Millington is a rather small city with only around 11,00 people living here according to the last census statistics from 2010.

The median income for a household in Millington was around $43,000.00, and the median income for a family was near $46,500.00.

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At James Russell Roofing and Restoration, we care about our reputation. Our name is all we have, and we are here to build that name one roof at a time and one review at a time. At James Russell Roofing we know just what it takes to have your Millington home springtime storm ready.

James Russell Roofing also cares about the environment. We strive to use eco-friendly materials whenever feasible and we also take care of your property and landscaping while we work on your roof.

Whether it is a roof repair, a new roof, or home restoration, James Russell Roofing has the experience and expertise to protect you, your family, and your home.

Roofing Contractor Millington Tennesee: Roof Warranties

James Russell Roofing not only uses roofing materials from well-respected manufacturers like roofing manufacturing giant Atlas, but we also use eco-conscious materials whenever possible in our efforts to care for the environment. Our roofers also do their best not to disturb your personal environment by leaving as small a footprint as possible while we work. We use tarps when necessary and make sure we use industrial-strength magnets to pick up any loose nails after we complete your new roofing job.

In addition to roof repair and roof replacement, we also offer additional services to provide additional protection and style to your home, from gutters to siding to full remodeling. James Russell Roofing can provide you any type of home improvement help you need. Whatever your needs for your home or business in Brighton, hire the expertise of James Russell Roofing and get the peace of mind and quality that can only come from a local professional roofer.

Frequently Asked Questions for Roofing Contractor Millington Tennessee

Do you service the Millington area or just Memphis?

Yes, the Millington, TN area has always been our home service area. James Russell Roofing services the entire greater Millington Tennessee along with Atoka, Munford, and the entire Covington areas.

Do you have workmanship warranties on new roof installations?

Yes, James Russell Roofing gives a five-year workmanship warranty with every new roof we install. The workmanship warranty, as well as the warranty on the new roofing shingles, is transferable if you sell your home.

Do you do roof repairs in Millington, TN?

Yes, James Russell Roofing loves doing roof repairs. A roof repair is a great way to save money and put off buying a new roof in many cases. James Russell Roofing does roof repairs in the entire Millington metro area.

How long should a roof repair last?

Depending on the type of roof repair you have done the time can vary a good bit. If James Russell Roofing installs a new lifetime bullet boot plumbing pipe boot there is a one-year workmanship warranty and the bullet boot itself should last 30 years. Other roof repairs will need to be discussed with a James Russell Roofing company representative.

Do you do new skylight replacements in Millington?


Yes, James Russell Roofing proudly uses Velux Skylights and Roof Windows. Velux is the very best skylight on the market and also the only skylight with a 10-year no-leak warranty.

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