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Think Roof Replacement Memphis TN, think James Russell Roofing! There are a few things that will help ensure your roof replacement process goes smoothly and swiftly. A new roof installation checklist helps you minimize disruption before, during, and after the work is done. Below are a few tips for communicating with the roofing contractor.

Roof Replacement Memphis TN: Proper Roof Install Techniques

The roofing distributor will deliver your new roof material before your roof installation begins. A representative from James Russell Roofing will inspect the material to verify it has been dropped by the distributor and that the right material was delivered. 

Proper Roof Installation:

1. Tear off the old felt and inspect the deck for rotten wood.

2. Install drip edges around the house’s eaves and rakes.

3. Install new synthetic felt. At the eve of the house, felt should cover the drip edge and under the drip edge of the rakes.

4. The starter course shingle should always be used when erecting a roof. Starting shingles have adhesive so the eaves of the home are more secure from wind damage and rain damage. The eve of a home is not protected by an adhesive when a poor roofer installs a two-tab.

5. Having installed drip edges and felt, the ice and water shield next needs to be installed. Ice and water shields are always included in good roof installations.

6. The next step is to install the shingles. Installing lifetime shingles in a course is the proper way. If your roofer racks your lifetime shingles, that’s not a good thing.

7. The hip and ridge shingles must now be installed after the shingles have been installed. It is always best to use a genuine hip and ridge shingle.

8. In order to complete the roof installation, the ridge vent must be installed. Don’t cover the ridge with felt. You want your roofing crew to cut it out. Once the ridge vent has been installed, the hip and ridge shingles need to be installed on top.

9. Once the hips and ridges are complete, it is time to paint any roofing hardware that did not come pre-painted. Some roofing accessories, such as pipe jacks, 750s or turtle vents, wind turbines, and flashings, may not come painted by default.

Tips for Communicating with Your Roof Contractor

1. How long will it take for the shingles to be delivered?

Typically, shingles are delivered a few days prior to the start of work on new roof installation projects. Let your roofing representative know about your circumstance. Planning your roofing project should take area ordinances or available space into account.

These shingles will usually be put in the driveway unless the roofing contractor gives the delivery person specific instructions otherwise. To enable you to prepare, make sure you are aware of the day and time of your roofing contractor’s shingle delivery.

Occasionally, only the day of arrival is known to the roofer with any certainty. Using this knowledge, you may organize cars such that no one in your home will be inconvenienced by the delivery.

2. What about my flowers and shrubs?

James Russell Roofing always takes care to protect your shrubs, flowers and landscape. In case you require more assistance, please let your roofing representative know. Maintaining continual communication with your contractor is important during the roofing process.

3. How does the Clean-Up Process work?

In preparation for the new roofing shingles, you will need to remove hundreds of square feet of roofing felt from your roof. Before you install a new roof, you should mow your lawn. Mowing your lawn to makes it easier for magnets to pick up nails. Before beginning the roof installation, make sure the roofing contractor schedules to clean up. A James Russell Roofing contractor removes loose nails, shingles, and debris that remains after a new roof installation.

Do not be afraid to ask your contractor to conduct a second cleanup if you are unhappy with the first cleanup work. Although roof debris is cleaned up after it falls. Keep in mind there can be times when some nails may  get stuck in the grass.

4. What is the Warranty?

A new roof comes with a warranty and will vary based on the Atlas roofing materials chosen. It is very important to understand the terms of your warranty. Atlas is our first choice for Roofing materials. Jamaes Russell Roofing is responsible for registering the Warranty.