Roof Leaks

If you have a roof leak or even think it might be a leak from your roof, the first thing to do is call James Russell Roofing. Below, James Russell Roofing has a list of common problems to check before a roofing service technician comes out. Below you will find a list and pictures of each common problem that will make you think you have a roof leak when in fact it is not related to the roofing system. When you have checked the things on the following list and you are convinced it is a roofing system matter, please fill out the service authorization form below and give us a call for a service technician to come out and inspect your roof. James Russell Roofing is happy to come out and check your roof. If James Russell Roofing makes a service call and the leak is not related to the roofing system installed by James Russell Roofing there will be a $125.00 service fee. If James Russell Roofing finds a leak to be unrelated to the roofing system and James Russell Roofing is able to make the repair, a fee will be discussed and if you would like the issue repaired James Russell Roofing, after acceptance of the fee will make the repair.

Roof Leak: Common Leak Issues

There is a short list of common roof leak issues to check before a service technician comes to your home. Around 50% of roof leak callbacks are unrelated to the roofing service and here you can find the short list of leak issues to check yourself.

  • A/C pan in the attic overflow. The A/C overflow pan and A/C lines in the attic are one of the most common problems seen on a roof leak callback. Go into your attic and see if the pan under the A/C unit is full of water. If the pan has water you should immediately call an air conditioning repair company. Here is a quick tip from James Russell Roofing, once a month open your cap to your overflow line and put a full cap of Clorox bleach in the line. The Clorox bleach will kill algae and help prevent your water heater line from clogging up.
  • Gutters and downspouts are full of debris and clogged. Another very common leak issue is gutters full of leaves and debris. Everything from tennis balls to leaves and pine straw will clog up downspouts and fill the gutters to the point they overflow. When gutters and downspouts get clogged,  water will flow backward and go under the shingles and making it appear that you have a roof leak. Make sure you check the gutters as well as your downspouts to be sure they are free of debris. Have James Russell Roofing or another roofing or gutter professional clean your roof and gutters at least once a year to make sure you do not have what appears to be a roof leak from your gutters.

  • A chimney cap is cracked and leaky. Older chimney caps must be replaced from time to time. A chimney cap is another leak issue that you may not be able to handle on your own depending on your age and the pitch of your roof. If it is not safe to inspect your roof and chimney never do so, call a roofing professional. This is another roof maintenance issue that will have to be paid for and must be done from time to time when you have a chimney. Get the James Russell Roofing maintenance agreement and have James Russell Roofing come out and inspect your roof, clean your roof and make sure your chimney cap is ok.
  • Cracked bricks and mortar in the chimney. Cracked bricks and old cracked mortar are very common problems that will make you think you have a roof leak. This one you may not be able to check on your own, but if the leak is near or around the chimney be prepared for a service call fee and repair bill on this one. Over time chimneys must be worked and reworked depending on age. The mortar may need at some point to be redone or you may be able to get by with just waterproofing the chimney.
  • The chimney and wall are another very common area that will make you think you have a roof leak. Stucco over time will get cracks and this allows water to enter the home. Stucco around the chimney and the sidewalls are very prone to leak water when it is aged. This is another problem you may not be able to access on your own.
  • Brick wall pulling away from home. The brick wall can literally pull away from the home, when this happens it will allow water to come in and in many cases, homeowners think the roof is leaking. Over time homes settle which can cause this issue to happen. If you see your outer wall separating from the main structure this is most likely the cause of your leak. James Russell Roofing will be happy to follow up and check this for you there may be a service call fee involved on this one but if you are not sure call a roofing
  • pro. Skylights are notorious for leaking. Older skylights are very prone to leak around the frame and the glass itself depending on the age of the skylight. Sometimes skylight leaks can be repaired however it’s best to just replace the skylight and get rid of the leak for good. All Out Roofing will only install Velux Skylights. The reason James Russell Roofing is so adamant about using Velux Skylights is they have the best warranty in the skylight industry and they stand behind it. If you have a new roofing project already scheduled or you are just seeing leaks around old skylights think about replacing your old skylights with a new color power fresh air skylight. You may even be entitled to a federal tax rebate for installing a Velux fresh air skylight.
  • Another common problem that is so often forgotten when you think you have a roof leak is the water heater. Your water heater can go out at any time, normally you will get five to fifteen years of usage from your water heater however they can go bad at any time. Make sure that your water heater is in your attic like so many are that you check your overflow pan to see if it is full of water before you think you have a roof leak. If your water heater is leaking turn the water off immediately and call a plumber.


Problems Caused By A Leaky Roof

The roof of a home or other type of building protects the contents beneath it from storm damage such as wind, hail, rain, ice, and extreme temperatures. If you neglect the repair of even a tiny leak, the problem may quickly escalate and cause further damage. This damage may result in rotten wood or turn your insulation into a paste-like substance, and over time it will weaken the structure of your home or business.

Leaves clogging gutters can lead to roof leaks

One of the first clues that indicate you have a roof leak is water stains on your ceiling. Other signs may be mold or foul, musty odors in the building. Call us to come out and inspect the roof if you detect any of these warning signs. These problems don’t necessarily mean that you need a new roof. The issue may be resolved by replacing some of the flashings, repairing torn seams, replacing cracked shingles, or remedying trapped moisture underneath the roof cover. There are many common roofing problems that could be affecting your Brighton home.

Don’t wait for a seemingly innocuous issue to become a large expense. Call on our staff at James Russell Roofing when a roof repair is needed for your home or business. Our products and services are unparalleled because we take the time to earn certifications that enable us to meet rigid standards of quality. We try to analyze our services in the same way that you, our customers, evaluate us. Our goal is to be known as a company that not only provides quality workmanship but also is a business that respects your property, landscaping, and environment as if it were our own.

A leaky roof can be a minor problem that can blow up into a full-blown deserter fast. Always call a qualified roofing expert in the Brighton area at first sight of an interior stain on your home.

Roof Leaks and Moisture

When hearing the term “leaky roof,” many people conjure up images of heavy rainfall splashing through visible holes in a roof. This dramatic scene, however, is seen more often on Hollywood screens than in real households. In fact, a roof leak may not be obvious at first glance by an untrained individual. Some signs that a roof may have a leak that homeowners can easily spot include the appearance of mold or algae on the roof, discolored spots on the roof or ceiling, and an overly hot attic, as well as missing or misshapen shingles. Of course, homeowners should also be concerned about more obvious signs, such as excessive moisture, holes, or dripping water found on ceilings or walls. If any of these signs or other indications that point towards roof repair are spotted, homeowners should contact a qualified, professional roofing contractor to have the roof evaluated for a leak.

While a minor roof leak may not seem like a major problem, the truth is that even the smallest leaks can lead to destruction. Over time, a small leak may lead to problems such as the development of mold and water spots on the roof and ceiling. Other damage caused by leaks may include ceilings and roofs that succumb to rot. The presence of mold and rotting is caused by excessive moisture coming into contact with the wooden structure. Eventually, the rotting of the wood may cause roofs to cave in. This can lead to unsafe conditions inside the home, whether due to the air quality from the presence of mold or the risk of a weakened structure collapsing. Repairing these problems can become expensive when the damage has had plenty of time to wear down the structure. Fortunately, if a professional roofer is on the case at the first signs of a leak, this severe damage can often be prevented.

Unfortunately, a leaky roof in Brighton is a common problem encountered by homeowners. If a roof leak is suspected, it should be addressed as soon as possible, regardless of how big or small the leak may seem. Consulting a roofing contractor will ensure that the cause of the leak is determined and stopped instead of simply being temporarily patched. In many cases, a simple roof repair at the first signs of damage can save homeowners hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Water Stain on sheathing Memphis Water Stain On Roof Decking/Sheathing

Leaky roof Memphis mold Mold On Ceiling and Wall

Leaky Roof Memphis ceiling stain Ceiling Stain

Knowing you have a roof leak is usually obvious when you see the water spot on your ceiling. However, it can be much harder to pinpoint the cause of the leak. You may assume your shingles are at fault, but it could be missing flashing around a chimney, or some other entry point, that’s allowing the water to get inside your attic. Once inside the attic, water can travel along rafters and other horizontal surfaces making it difficult to find the exact entry point.

If shingles are missing, cracked or otherwise damaged, water can, over time, begin to leak into the home. A leak can start out small and slowly cause a lot of damage if a warning sign is ignored.


ice-dam illustrations

Water entry can also be caused by an ice dam. Ice dams are formed by the continual thawing of snow over the warmer portions of the roof and refreezing over the cold eave. The ice dam can cause water to back up under the shingles. If your roof doesn’t have an ice & water underlayment installed under the shingles, you could be experiencing leaks.

You may need to have a professional roofing contractor help diagnose your leak issue. The roofing professional can help determine the cause of the leak and help in finding a solution.

Inspections Maintenance: Potential signs of a leak:

  • Water spots on your ceiling or walls
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked or damaged shingles
  • Missing or damaged flashing or boot covers to roof penetrations
  • Water spots or wet roof decking (seen through the attic)

Leak Damage