Roof Maintenance Package - James Russell roofing

Did You know?

Residential Roof Maintenance Program

Once your roof installation is completed, it is important to include a residential roof maintenance program. Since you selected James Russell Roofing over other roofing companies, we would want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your trust in us. We will make every effort to demonstrate to you the validity of your trust in us. Beginning with our unique maintenance agreement, James Russell Roofing will be by your side every year.

The James Russell Roofing Maintenance Inspection Report

James Russell Roofing will give you proof of the effectiveness of your new roof during its entire lifespan. At every inspection, James Russell Roofing will take images and complete a roof inspection form; these documents will then be stored in your persona Jamaes rusell Account.. You will always have a record of the support your new roof. This can be quite helpful when trying to sell your house to a possible buyer.

The components of the maintenance program will be described below:

1.      Inspect the attic for any active leaks

2.      Do a walk around the house and inspect fascia and soffit

3.      Inspect drip edge, make sure it is secure

4.      Inspect the overhang, and make sure there is no damage to the first course of shingles

5.      Clean any debris off the roof and out of valleys

6.      Inspect all flashings, wall to the roof, around the chimney, and exhaust vent flashings

7.      Inspect all pipe jack flashings around vent pipes

8.      Reseal all penetration points, pipe jacks, flashings and around the chimney

9.      Check for any loose shingles or nail pops

10.   If a chimney is present, take pictures and report on any cracks in stucco or bricks

11.   Repaint pipe jacks and any other painted hardware


We have Maintenance Programs available even if we did not install your roof. Roof maintenance programs are based on roof square feet.