Atlas Roofing by James Russell Roofing

New Roof or Roof Replacement

Whether you are building a new home and need a new roof or replacing your current home roof, we use Atla’s high-quality roofing and construction materials.

New Construction or Replacement Roof

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Roof Replacement: Atlas Roofing will deliver your roofing material to begin the installation of your roof. A James Russell Roofing representative will check the material to ensure that the distributor dropped both the right material and enough of it. Once the roofing products have been delivered, James Russell Roofing will schedule a time to begin your roofing project.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to Contact Us or call us at 901-444-1231.

James Russell Roofing LLC - Atlas Roofing System

James Russell Roofing LLC is an Atlas – Pro Plus Certified Contractor. 

Why Atlas Roofing System?

We want to offer the best roofing system possible to our customers. Roofers, Inspectors, homeowners, and home builders rank Atlas Roofing Systems among the top roofing product manufacturers. Their Shingles are competitively priced, high-quality Shingles and they offer some of the industry’s strongest warranties.  Contact Us for a Free Estimate.

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The Process

  1. First we add drip edge to the house’s rakes and eaves. Your home’s eave is protected with drip edge or eave flashing, which also directs water away from the fascia board to help stop fascia board rot.
  1. Install synthetic felt. The drip edge at the house’s eve and the drip edge rising from the rakes should both be covered by felt. Synthetic felt has shown to be an improved alternative to the traditional asphalt felt paper. James Russell Roofing will only use this best product. Synthetic felt is far more durable, water resistant, and puncture resistant. The drip edge at the home’s eve and the drip edge that runs up the rakes must be covered with felt, according to shingle manufacturers like Atlas. The edge of a gable roof that climbs to the home’s ridge is known as the rake of the house.
  1. A new starter course shingle should always be used in a thorough roof installation. A starter roofing shingle incorporates adhesive to strengthen the home’s protection against wind and rainwater damage. To safeguard a particularly exposed portion of your property, it is crucial to utilize a sturdy starting shingle that has been carefully fitted. Roofing firms often utilize a three-tab shingle that has been reversed as a beginning shingle when installing a new roof. Only subpar roofing companies will engage in this activity. Tennessee’s Brighton, Covington, and Memphis regions frequently see high winds. These strong gusts of winds make the house’s eve particularly susceptible. Your home will have a great protective barrier if you use a suitable starter shingle, like the Atlas starter. The adhesive strip needed to create a thermal barrier and safeguard your roof and eve is not present in a three-tab turned backward.
  1. The ice and water shield should be put after the drip edge and felt have been set up. Ice and water shield is always included in good roof installations. All roof valleys, chimneys, and penetration points like wind turbines, often known as whirlybirds, should have ice and water shield placed around them. Always apply the ice and water directly to the unfinished deck. To ensure that the ice and water are applied to the sheathing effectively, the felt should be cut out at the valleys. Winterguard is a product made by Atlas. This is the ice and water protection for the valleys and surrounding penetrations, which are the most exposed parts of your roof.
  1. The shingles should then be put in place. A lifetime shingle should only be laid properly in a course. Your lifetime shingles should never be racked by your roofer. Most shingles require six nails per shingle, depending on the type of shingle and the wind stress location of installation. If your roofer doesn’t put the nails in the shingle’s nail line, there won’t be enough strength for the shingles to stay fastened to the roof deck over time. At James Russell Roofing, an Atlas limited-lifetime shingle is installed with every new roof. With more than a century of experience producing shingles, Atlas offers the widest variety of colors and the heaviest shingles in terms of weight per pound.
  1. The hip and ridge shingles should be put following the installation of the shingles. A genuine hip and ridge shingle is always the best option. Most roofing firms install three-tab shingles and don’t even explain the difference to the client. As a less expensive option to lifetime shingles, three-tab shingles are not intended to bend; instead, they are designed to sit flat on the roof deck and not cover your hip and ridge.
  1. The ridge vent should be fitted following the installation of the hip and ridge shingles. Ensure that the ridge area is removed by your roofing workers and not covered with felt. It’s time to cover the ridge vent with the hip and ridge shingles after the ridge vent has been fitted. The roof ventilation is a sometimes forgotten component of new roof installation. Nothing is worse than paying a lot of money to have your shingles cooked by improper roof ventilation, much like they would be in an oven. On the summit of your house, James Russell Roofing uses a 12″ Atlas ridge vent. The Atlas ridge vent performs well all year round and can withstand up to 100 mph of wind-driven rain.
  1. Any roofing hardware that did not come pre-painted needs to be painted after the hip and ridge are finished. Pipe jacks, 750s or turtle vents, wind turbines, and flashings are typical roofing accessories that might not arrive painted if you’d prefer them painted.
  1. When all the painting and installation are finished, it’s time to finish the roofing project by doing a complete clean-up. To remove any roofing debris and nails, your roofing crew should sweep the driveway, yard, and flowerbeds.

You should follow these recommendations as your new roof is being installed. Make sure to discuss every step of the procedure with your roofing specialist. A reputable roofing business will be pleased with how they installed your roof. James Russell Roofing is open to inquiries and enjoys discussing and demonstrating the right technique to install a new roof.