Need More Attic Insulation?

A well-insulated home will be more comfortable and help reduce the need for continuous air conditioning and in turn, reduce heating and cooling costs.

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Attic Insullation

Proper attic insulation is essential to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. In winter, insulation keeps heat trapped inside your home, while in summer properly installed insulation allows air to circulate, ventilating your home and preventing overheating. Owens Corning attic insulation can bring multiple benefits to homeowners, including cost savings, maintenance benefits, and increased comfort. A properly performing roof takes more than just shingles. Your roof works as a system, proper attic insulation, and a properly ventilated roof work together to keep your home cooler and more energy efficient. A properly insulated attic can help decrease your electric bill by as much as 20%.

Perfect Time to Re-Insulate

Attic Insulation - James Russell Roofing

Having your attic inspected by an Owens Corning Top of The House certified professional anytime is a great idea, but a re-roofing project is an ideal time to add insulation to a home. During a re-roofing project, a sheet of decking can be removed from the home’s deck and the hose of the Owens Corning attic insulation machine can be inserted into the home’s attic and assure no mess inside the home from man or machine. Call James Russell Roofing to schedule your free Attic Inspection.

Common Insulation Questions

How can you tell if a home needs more attic insulation? Quick answer, go into the attic and if you can see the rafters, odds are the home needs more attic insulation. This does not hold true in every case and an expert will be able to recommend the proper amount of insulation. Homes in different geographic location throughout the United States are recommended to have different amounts of attic insulation. The southern region is recommended to have R-60 by the DOE. Attic insulation is a year-round product, in summer months it slows the flow of heat from warm to cold areas, no matter what the outside temperature. A well-insulated home will be more comfortable and help reduce the need for continuous air conditioning and in turn, reduce heating and cooling costs.

Attic Insulation: What is R-Value?

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Insulation’s ability to resist the transfer of heat is measured by “R-Value.” The higher the R-value of insulation, the better its ability to resist the flow of heat. The R-values are not directly related to the thickness of the insulation but are related to the number of fibers per square inch or the density of the insulation. The thicker or denser the insulation, the more air pockets it has and the higher the R-value will be. How much attic insulation is needed in the Tennessee region? The DOE recommends the Tennessee region be insulated to R-49-R60. To get an R-60 rating the home’s attic will require 19-20 inches of blown-in insulation. Call James Russell Roofing for a free attic inspection.