James Russell Roofing - Roof Checklist

Roof Installation Checklists

James Russell Roofing Pre-work Checklist and Final Walk-through

James Russell Roofing Pre-work Checklist and Final Walkthough can help prepare and underestant your roofing installation.  We have outlined some of what you can expect in the days before, during, and after your roof installation. Lear More Roofing Installation Process.

Pre-Work Checklist – Roof Installation:

  • If you have pets, work with our representative to see if they need special care during the roof installation
  • Protect any valuable items in your garden, e.g., statues, planters, etc.
  • Make sure that the gates are open or access available for our installer and if they should always shut the gates behind them.
  • If you have any special requests, be sure to tell your representative ahead of time.
  • When we replace your roof, we remove the old felt from your decking. Depending on the deck structure, this can cause debris to fall between the cracks of your decking. Please cover any valuables in your attic and be aware that you may need to do some cleanup after we’re done. If this could be a problem, please talk to your James Russell Roofing representative.

  • There will be material left over when the job is completed. We order more than we need to make sure we have enough to finish the job. This extra material belongs to James Russell Roofing and is not part of the job. It will be picked up within three (3) business days after the job is done.

  • To prevent damage, please make sure that all the vehicles are out of the driveway and away from the house so that no debris can fall on them.

  • Cutting your grass before the roof installation makes it easier to clean up and find nails. When your grass is shorter, it makes it easier for the magnets to find the nails.


Final Walk-through:

  • Be present for your fial walk-through, Your James Russell Roofing representative will do a final walk-through with you. This is when you can make sure we’ve done everything according to our agreement. 
  • The crew will have gone through your yard and pick up any loose nails or debris or other trash. If you have any questions or concerns about trash, please talk to our representative. Leftover materials will be pickedup by James RussellRoofing.
  • When you’re sure that the job is done to your satisfaction, we can settle your account and take the last payment.
  • Your warranty information will arrive a week to ten (10) days after the last payment for the roof has been made. All warranties are taken care of by our office staff. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 901-641-1873.