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As a Germantown roofing contractor, when installing a new roof on your home or repairing your roof after a wind and hail storm, it is important to have a roofing contractor that you know and trust. James Russell Roofing and Restoration is your local Germantown Roofing Contractor, having an established record of providing high-quality shingle and metal roofing solutions to area homes and businesses.

Germantown Roofing Contractor Tips For Hiring:

• Locally Owned and Operated

• Has Workers Comprehensive Insurance

• Accredited with The Better Business Bureau

• Be Certified with At Least One Shingle Manufacturer

• Carries At Least 1,000,000 In General Liability Insurance

• Has Been In Business For At Least Two Years

• Has A Written and Posted Workmanship Warranty of At Least Two Years or More

• Is A Member Of The NRCA, Nation Roofing Contractors Association

• Does Not Cover Deductibles (Covering Deductibles is Illegal)

Let The Experts Help You!

James Russell Roofing is a Silver Pro Plus Germantown roofing contractor with the Atlas Corporation. Atlas is one of the largest roofing material manufacturers in the United States. Being a Silver Pro Plus roofing contractor with Atlas gives the James Russell Roofing clients that added peace of mind that a major corporation is backing not only the material on the roof but the company installing it.

Germantown Roofing Contractor: The City

James Russell Roofing and Restoration is your trusted and local Germantown roofing contractor servicing Germantown and other areas of Tennessee and northern Mississippi, including all areas of Memphis. The company’s professionals know and understand the unique challenges posed to structures in the Germantown area by the many wind storms that hit the area during the springtime storm season. Unlike out-of-state roofing contractors who roll in and roll out after big storms, James Russell Roofing and Restoration is here for the duration, and we care about our professional reputation in the Germantown community.

James Russell Roofing provides only the best roofing repair, roof replacement, and roof-related services. The company uses top-quality materials from the Atlas Corporation and other respected shingles and roofing material manufacturers. In addition to roofing, we can also help with gutter installation and vinyl siding.

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James Russell Roofing also strives to protect your property and the environment, using eco-friendly materials where feasible and also taking care not to disturb clients’ landscaping or property in the course of our work.

A roof is so much more than a necessary covering over your house or a statement of your personal taste as a homeowner — a roof is also security and protection, both figuratively and literally. For James Russell Roofing and Restoration service area Germantown, it may not be the first feature you think of when it comes to your house, but it is definitely one of the most important — and it is critical to your home’s structural integrity. The quality of your roof could be the difference between a roof you can ignore and one that falls to harsh weather conditions or causes water damage to your property.

James Russell Roofing partners with the Atlas Corporation, one of the largest roofing material manufacturers in the world for the best roofing shingles and material for your Germantown home. The Atlas Pristine Pinnacle shingle line has many color options for your new roof. James Russell Roofing and Restoration trust roofing giant Atlas and can offer the best warranty in the nation on your new roof. With many new roofs installed in Germantown and throughout the Memphis areas of Tennessee, James Russell Roofing and Restoration is positioned to give you the best new roof with the nation’s best roof warranty.

Germantown Roofing Contractor

Germantown Roofing Contractor: The City

Germantown Tennessee has an abundance of amenities to offer its nearly 40,000-person population. With a total of 27 parks within walking distance of every residence, Germantown has what it needs to be a fun place. With the 27 parks in the city of Germantown come 700 acres of parkland that the community owns. A few more of the great amenities for Germantown residents are the community library that was constructed in 1996 and the Regional History and Genealogy Center that opened in 2007. The Germantown Athletic Club boasts a whopping 118,000 square foot indoor athletic complex that opened in 1989 and was later expanded in 2003 to include two outdoor pools.

Our population in Germantown was just under 40,000 people in the last census taken in 2010. Shelby County holds the great city of Germantown within its county borders. There is no real industry in Germantown, the city of Germantown is dominated by retail and commercial services to power the local economy.

Here are just a few great reasons to live in our great city of Germantown. Germantown Tennessee is one of the few cities in the nation possessing a triple-A rating from both Moody’s and Standard & Poors. Germantown has the lowest crime rate for any city its size in the state of Tennessee and the police and fire departments have emergency response times of five minutes or less.

The professionals at James Russell Roofing and Restoration know what it takes to build a roof that is powerful springtime wind storm season-ready. With nearly a decade of roofing contractor service, focused in Germantown, Memphis, and other areas in Tennessee, our top roofing company has firsthand knowledge of the unique challenges that homes and businesses in the Germantown region face. We care about our reputation in the community, and it shows in our track record of high-quality shingle and metal roofing solutions.

The Germantown People

Using top-quality shingles and roofing materials from Atlas and other respected manufacturers, James Russell Roofing offers roof repair, replacement, and other services that will give you peace of mind. We can also protect your home investment further with gutter installation and vinyl siding, with our same high-quality service and materials.

James Russell Roofing and Restoration also care for the natural environment and your neighborhood. We strive to use eco-friendly materials whenever feasible — and we also take care not to disturb your property or landscaping while we work on your roof.

Common Roofing Questions and Answers:

Do you do roof repairs in Germantown?

Yes, James Russell Roofing has since our beginning done roof repairs in and around the city of Germantown along with the surrounding areas and the entire Memphis areas.

We have a bad roof leak, what is the best underlayment to protect our valleys from another roof leak, ice, and water shield or valley metal?

If the valley is not built correctly it is very easy for this area of the roof to leak. Most roofing companies use valley metal and not only do they use valley metal that is too narrow. The valley metal over time will get moisture on it and as the metal expands and contracts the nails used to secure the metal in the valley will wallow out and rust. The best roofing material to put in your valley is an ice & water shield and is the only product we use at James Russell Roofing. Using the ice & water shield will assure you of no leaks in your valley.

My skylight is leaking, do I have to buy a new skylight or can you repair the skylight I now have?

Let me start with it depends. The first place to start would be a thorough roof inspection and a hard look at your leaking skylight. In many cases, you can remove the skylight and reflash it and stop many skylight leaks. Without seeing the skylight you have of knowing its age I could only say maybe. If you have an older skylight my first suggestion would be to go ahead while you are working on it and have it replaced. The older skylights used years ago only get worse. I would suggest replacing your leaky skylight with a new Velux no leak Skylight. If you get a solar skylight from Velux in many cases you can even get 30% back by taking a federal tax credit. The Velux skylight comes with a 10-year no-leak guarantee. This will solve your problem for good.

I need a new roof, should I go back with a new metal roof?

This is a very hard roofing question to answer without meeting the homeowner and seeing the house in question. There are many things to consider when choosing either a shingle roof or a metal roof. The very first thing is the setting of the home. If you live in a neighborhood within the city limits or even a larger subdivision you could have HOA regulations that prevent a metal roof. You will first need to check with your HOA. The next question is just your taste. Many people do not like the look of a metal roof for a home. Next is the style of your home. Many new modern homes have such a cut-up roof and I am talking about the geometry of the roof that it just doesn’t make sense to try and put metal on it. Remember, metal does not bend well and many houses need shingles just to make all the cuts to complete the roof. Another misconception is that the screws used will last as long as the metal panels themselves. This is absolutely not true. Even though you can use the new Zac long-life metal screws, you will not get as many years out of your screws as you will the metal roofing panels. So to fully answer your question, it would be a case-by-case situation whether a metal roof would work for you.

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