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Your Collierville roofing contractor, James Russell Roofing, provides Collierville, TN area residents with the highest quality roofing services. With many years of experience as a roofing and remodeling contractor, James Russell Roofing knows and understands how storms and other weather events can impact your Collierville home. James Russell Roofing offers the most effective roofing solutions for you at a reasonable cost.

The professionals at James Russell Roofing can inspect your home or businesses to find any roofing issues you may have, our goal is to offer cost-effective roof repair whenever possible. James Russell Roofing can install many different types of roofs, including residential metal, asphalt shingle, and flat roofs on commercial roofs as well as on many home patios. We can also work with gutter installation and vinyl siding. We also work with many insurance companies on storm-related damage. In our Collierville area of Tennessee, we have had many wind and hail events that could cause you to need a new roof. Have our expert roofer do a free inspection of your roof to find out if you qualify for a new roof.

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Collierville Roofing Contractor: The City

The city of Collierville may have started off a small little place but has grown into a great place to live in the Memphis Tennessee area. In Shelby County Tennessee, and a suburb of the Memphis area the city of Collierville has a population of around 44,000 people as of the last census done in 2010.

Collierville has many large homes in the city and has had considerable retail expansion since its humble beginnings. You can still drive around the heart of Collierville and still see smaller older homes which are really nice since this shows how our city of Collierville started out.

When you talk about the city of Collierville you must mention the Avenue at Carriage Crossing. This is a huge 800,000 sq. ft shopping center that opened in 2005. For your medical needs, the city of Collierville has the Baptist Hospital that serves our residents.

With the city of Coliierville’s proximity to Memphis, we get numerous visitors. If you are looking to visit our great city of Collierville here is our location, Collierville is located at 35°3′16″N 89°40′56″W (35.054366, -89.682306).

Collierville has some really great schools to choose from. With Bailey Station Elementary, Collierville Elementary, Crosswinds Elementary, Sycamore Elementary, Tara Oaks Elementary, and Shilling Farms Elementary you have many options for your child’s education.

The image below shows just how beautiful the Collierville Old Town Square is. The Old Town Square has some great shops as well as good restaurants to eat at. In the center, there is a great spot for a family picnic or a good spot to stop and enjoy your lunch in the shaded areas the city has built.


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Collierville & James Russell Roofing

James Russell Roofing provides roofing services to give you peace of mind that your home is safe and watertight. As your local trusted Collierville roofer, James Russell Roofing has many years of experience serving the city of Collierville and is a trusted source for any roof repair or new roof need. When you are looking at James Russell Roofing, you can expect a great experience with your roofing project. At James Russell, you will always hear us say, roofs, relationships, and value.  If you have not had your roof inspected in the past five years it would be a good idea to have a thorough inspection done by a trained roofing professional. Have Chris Stepp from James Russell Roofing come and give you a free inspection and have peace of mind about your home’s second most important component.

Questions and Answers For Roofing in Collierville:

Do you do roof repairs in Collierville?

Yes, James Russell Roofing can and does many roof repairs in and around the city of Collierville. In many cases, we can keep a homeowner from having to buy a new roof and get many more good years of service from their existing roof.

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Does James Russell Roofing have certification from national shingle manufactures?

Yes, we are Signature Select with the Atlas Corporation, this great certification will help give Collierville residents peace of mind when making such an important decision about your home.

Do you have a workmanship warranty with a repair and new roof?

Absolutely, James Russell Roofing has a three-year workmanship warranty on all new roofs we install, and we give a one-year warranty on all roof repairs.

What type of roof repairs do you do the most?

There are types of roof repairs that we see over and over. Roof plumbing pipe boots are certainly one of the biggest problems when it comes to roofing. Most roofing companies use cheap 3 in 1 pipe boots and in many cases these only last 4-9 years.

Leaky skylights are another common roof leak issue and we have to repair and replace many skylights.

The roof’s valley is another very common roof leak area. This is where two slopes meet. In many cases when a roof is installed the roofing company just does not build the valley correctly setting the roof and homeowner up for failure.

Why are there dark streaks and stains on my roof and is there anything I can do about it?

That is a type of algae and it lives off certain minerals in some types of roof shingles. In high moisture areas like our deep south algae thrives so it is seen more on shaded areas of roofs as well as the north-facing slope of your house.

The algae is not damaging your roof it just does not look very good. If you are very careful you can in some cases do what is called a soft wash and do some good removing the algae from the shingles.

You need to be very careful and I would really suggest having a pro do this. You can use a spray pump with one-part bleach to two parts water and spray your roof down very well. If you do it yourself use a ladder, do not try doing this while on your roof, it is too dangerous for the average homeowner. You can also use a very soft brush on the heavy algae areas.

When you are done make sure to wash everything well with clean water as bleach will damage foundation plantings.

You can even try mounting zinc or copper strips near the roof’s ridge, then every time it rains the water will continue to wash your roof. These are only guidelines and will only work sometimes depending on the severity of the algae on your roof but maybe worth a shot if the look of your roof is bothering you.

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