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5 Things to Keep In Mind before Buying a Fixer-Upper

By: Chuck Magee | February 2021 @ 8:52 pm

At James Russell Roofing, we are here to answer any questions about reasons why you may need a new roof on your Memphis, TN home. We will finish our six-part post related to the asphalt shingles‘ reasons for failures. Here, we will complement what we shared with you before. We will mention the best components of world-class roofing systems. Besides, we will offer you the best shingle color selection tips. Thus, you can give your home a nice look.


Don’t Accept Less than the Best to Protect What Matters Most!

At James Russell Roofing, we know that a roofing system is much more than its shingles. We also consider elements such as flashing, gutters, metal sheeting components, attic insulation, and ventilation. We deal differently with every one of these items during a project. Though, if we talk about a roofing system core, we handle the following elements:

When it comes to modern homes’ design, the current trend is to combine internal items and colors with those elements outside, including the roof. So, landscaped walls and pergolas add colors, texture, and dimension!

Also, outdoor kitchens are turning into the central element of gatherings. Now we even can have pretty and delicious edible landscaped gardens! Then, if you want to spend more time outdoors, you should rethink your roof design preferences. It includes both texture and color. This way, you’ll achieve harmony between your shingles and your house’s external aesthetic.

Therefore, we prepared some shingle color selection tips. They are organized by tones to make it easier to select the right roof for you.

Blue and Green Hinted Shingles are Soothing and Sustainable

The blue color is linked to the sky and sea. That’s why it calms the soul and mind. All its shades are atmospheric. For its part, green is the color of equilibrium and renewal. It suggests harmony of nature and sustainability.

We refer here to the natural tones shifting to blue and green. Those areas where the home should mix with its surroundings are the right places for green shingles. On the other hand, blue shingles have no sense in a home.

Pairing Tips – below we show you some shingles that would look good pairing them with homes with plenty of like tones. For example, it would be cool to combine a home painted in dark turquoise with a cool slate roof and white trim.

Likewise, homes with riverbed gray tones will look great with a Mountain Sage color.

Maybe, the most difficult shingle color choice is that of a cool tone. Surely, you’ll need to look at samples outdoors next to the home to make the best selection. In this case, you should ask for an expert opinion for helping to make the decision.

The next GAF shingles in cool tones are among our favorites. They speak to green and blue hints.

Brown and Red Shingles Connect with Rustic and Romantic

Fire pits reproduce our love for indoor fireplaces and help to extend the time we spend outdoors. Browns and reds tones bring outdoor spaces into our comfortable indoor space.

Red is a sophisticated and romantic color with an aggressive and audacious style. Meanwhile, brown is simple and dependable. It emulates rural shades of earth tones. It allows other colors to look brighter and more impacting.

Pairing Tips – Brown and red shingles look nice on homes in combination with lighter colors in similar tones. For instance, a beige home will need a brown roof. Red shingles look beautiful over yellow slanted creams and pinkish ear tones.

Another good alternative for brown and red shingles are homes in white or a neutral 50% gray.

Due to their style, color variety, and high-quality products, GAF is North America’s #1 shingle manufacturer. The next samples highlight these characteristics.

Gold and Beige Tones are Bold yet Balanced

Beige has a calming and flexible character. Thus, it helps to balance audacity and calms those wild elements of a residence. We associate gold tones with a sense of quality and luxury so it gives an image of prosperity. Beige tones may not fit every roof, but they can elevate visually large white homes as grays or reds cannot.

Pairing tips – many people think that finding the right shingle is as easy as choosing new outdoor furniture. But, it is not the case. That’s why most of the homeowners prefer the safest paths when selecting a shingle color. When they are unsure, usually choose charcoals or cool grays.

Grays are a great choice for most homes, but they do not have the brilliance that gold or beige can give.

Next, you will see our preferred GAF beige and gold shingles for Cincinnati homes.

Gray to Black Shingles are Calming and Stoic

Grey is a relaxing neutral point between black and white. It allows finding a perfect setting when combining with other colors. Since it is the transition from light to dark, you can explore and try the range of tones in between. The only way for a gray not to work is in case you use it in a lighter tone than the rest of the house.

Though, it does not mean that it is the best choice for every home.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of shingle colors available. From cedar to stone, homeowners have many options from where to choose. So, it would be rare to see gray asphalt shingles in light tones – that almost doesn’t have color – in a roof.

Likewise, black and dark gray shingles have a powerful visual impact. It can make or break the overall look of a house. So, when you use black in the right combination, it has a powerful and classy impact.

Pairing Tips  you can get the best from gray shingles by mixing them with other colors or are slanted cool or warm. It may work well with many modern home designs. Most of them have stonework or a mix of lighter and mid-range tones.

The darkest shingles make a louder display. A good example is a house with a black roof and a pop color for shutters and doors. In Cincinnati, black shingles look great on houses with classic red bricks.

Here are some of our favorite shingle color choices and product lines from GAF.

Make Your Shingle Color Selection with Help from James Russell Roofing

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