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By: Heather Coker | March 2022 @ 8:07 p

Ice and Water Shield

Learn about roofing underlayment from James Russell Roofing. The winters here can be cold and snowy. Winter is a time when you should treat your driveway to stay safe, but did you know your roof should also be treated? Keeping your roof protected from the elements can extend its lifespan and reduce ice or snow issues, which can save you time and money in the long run.

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With a roof ice and water shield, you can reduce the wear and tear on your roof and help keep it in good condition. For an extra layer of protection, we can install the shield on your roof. To keep your home safe, you should consider installing a roof water shield.

What Is a Roof Ice and Water Shield?

A roof water and ice shield, also known as a roof protector, is an underlayment of a waterproof membrane under the roof that prevents water or ice from damaging the surface. A rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound is used for the shield, which is reinforced with fiberglass and has excellent skid resistance. With its adhesive back, it sticks to rails on your roof’s weathering surface.

Why Get a Water and Ice Shield for Your Roof?

A water and ice shield provides the following benefits:

Fewer leaks:

Roof leaks, which can be expensive and cause considerable damage, are reduced by a roof shield.

Peace of mind:

A big storm hits, and you know you’ve done everything you can to protect your roof.

Excellent durability:

Our ice and snow shield is made of high-quality materials and is easy to use.

Polystick® IR-Xe allows for straightforward installation of roof shields. A manufacturer’s warranty of ten years is included with this product. It adheres to plywood and can be sealed with nails.

3 things to know about ice and water shield

You now know what ice and water shield is and why it’s necessary for your roof. Here are some things you need to know. I’ll tell you 3 things about ice and water shields.

1. The 3 types of ice and water shield

Water and ice shields come in three forms: granular/sand surfaces, smooth surfaces, and high heat surfaces.

Ice and water shields with granular or sand surfaces are used in roof valleys and are the thinnest of the three types. The product does the same job, even though it’s not as thick.

Low slope roofs are protected with smooth surface ice and water shields. In the first section, I mentioned that this type is used when the roof has a 2/12, 3/12, or 4/12 pitch.

2. Upgrading your roof with an ice and water shield

If you live in an area that sees a lot of snow, you probably have the ice and water shield code. In addition, you can upgrade your roof replacement by adding an ice and water shield.

If you live somewhere that doesn’t get any snow, you might not find this important. We can always expect phone calls about water getting into houses when there is heavy snow in Middle Tennessee.

The main cause of ice damming is always the same. You can’t do anything about the leak except wait for the snow and ice to melt.

You can prevent leaks caused by ice damming by installing an ice and water shield 2 feet beyond the interior walls of your home at the edges of your roof (rakes and eaves). This upgrade is only available when you replace your roof.

Add this upgrade to prevent ice dams in the future if you are experiencing or have experienced ice damming. Don’t forget, it will add to your roof’s cost.

3. The cost of ice and water shield

It is common for the price of roofing materials to fluctuate constantly based on the area you live in. Because of this, we can’t give you a specific cost number for ice and water shield.

You can get an idea of the cost by looking at the type you use.

Sand or granular ice and water shields start at $50.00 for 3 foot by 33-foot rows. The cost of smooth ice and water shield for a 100 square foot roof area is around $100.00.

Water and ice shields for high temperatures are slightly more expensive and cost about $125.00 per square. It does give you a sense of what to expect when you add ice and water shield to your roof. These prices are not exact but give you an idea of what to expect.

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