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A Quality Job Depends on Roofing System Inspections

By: Heather Coker | January 2021 @ 4:04 pm

When you’re building your Memphis, TN construction business, reputation is everything. It pays to have an extra pair of eyes on your work, and a thorough inspection is well worth the investment. The way you work with homeowners before, during, and after the job will leave a big impression, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to give them the new roof — and the service — that will have them recommending you to their neighbors.

Before the Job


When homeowners hire a Memphis roofing contractor, they are looking for someone who will patiently explain the job and lay out a proposal for the work that’s clear and easy to understand. It’s helpful to inspect the roofing system with the homeowners present so they can point out any problem areas and answer your questions about the house’s history. Document everything you see when you check the roof outside. For a complete inspection, you’ll also need to check the attic, the interior ceilings, and the yard surrounding the house to determine what work needs to be done. Discuss all your findings with the homeowners, explain the next steps and break down your cost estimate. The goal here is to be upfront and avoid surprises.

During the Job

Once the homeowners are ready to take you on as their roofer and get the job started, prepare the job site with safety in mind. Work with the homeowners to make sure that children and pets are kept well clear of the area, and set up ladders and scaffolding with appropriate fall protection. You’ll also want to cover the ground around the house and protect any nearby plants from debris from the tear-off of the old shingles. Dispose of waste carefully — believe it or not, your cleanliness has a huge effect on homeowners’ opinion of your work. It’s also important to stay organized as you load materials onto the roof. Keep underlayment, shingles and flashing neatly stored until your ready to install them, and inspect each layer for proper installation before continuing.

After the Job

Once the roof work is complete, do a final inspection. Does the roof look good overall? Check that all shingles lay flat and that flashings are secure. Any shingles that are broken or scuffed should be replaced now — don’t wait for a complaint! Clean up all debris, including small nails that may be hiding in the grass. Give the homeowners a tour of the new roof, and explain your work and the new roof’s features. Finally, get the homeowners’ approval on the job and your cleanup before leaving the site — your attention to these details will lead to happy customers and great reviews. Call James Russell Roofing in Memphis Tennessee for a local trusted roofing expert.